Acquisition Support Services

Whether its the identification, development, and award of new business or simply the protection of existing contracts, a competitive bid environment ensures that these are time consuming and often daunting tasks. A tightening market and bearish economy only add to the complexity of procurement initiatives. From capture planning through proposal submission, FullScope's consultants are here to assist in every aspect of your acquisition life-cycle.

Capture Planning & Management

FullScope provides capture planning and management support to organizations seeking to grow their business. Our consultants can assist your organization in evaluating each opportunity to determine whether a prime, sub, or no-bid decision should be made. For those opportunities being pursued, our proven methodology will help best position your team to be victorious.

Proposal Management

FullScope provides the process and leadership to win competitive proposals. Our proven approach is customized to suit the client's environment and our personnel have the experience and personalities required to facilitate successful engagements. Consultants are available to support capture and strategy sessions, draft RFP analysis, and full-cycle proposal response preparation.

Whitepaper Development

FullScope offers a proven methodology for whitepaper development aimed at securing funding for business and technical concepts. We will work with clients to capture the key elements of their ideas and translate them into a professional document that is effortlessly digested by potential customers and easily converted into funded task orders.

Proposal Authorship Training

Writing proposals is a difficult task and requires a writing style that likely differs from any other writing assignment your team has ever tackled. Ensuring compliance, interweaving win themes and ghosting opportunities while at the same time accurately describing your proposed solution and staying within page count is no easy feat. FullScope's consultants can conduct training sessions with your writing teams to educate them in the nuances of proposal authorship.

Third Party Assessments

FullScope's consultants conduct third party assessments to help clients evaluate the health of their programs and client relationships. We will work with clients to understand the elements of their contract and their key customer points of contact. We will provide clients with a baseline set of questions and work with them to add to, delete from, or tailor the baseline to suit the particular requirements of the contract. We will work with the client's Program Manager to gain access to selected customer personnel and then schedule, conduct, and report the results of the assessment.